Contest Winner!; or: Holy Crap, John Wins Again!

I swear to you—these contests aren't rigged. Even so, after I randomly chose an entry from a plastic bag, dedicated Bamboo Nation reader John has once again emerged as the winner of this blog's latest contest! That means he gets a fabulous 27-issue subscription to Entertainment Weekly, which marks his fourth win.

If I recall correctly, he's been victorious in just about every Bamboo Nation contest he's entered.

Now if only held a contest, maybe we can stave off his desire to cock-punch douchebags who happen to be with cute girls. (In the comments section, he recently asked, "Why are the cutest girls always with pricks in suits who call you things like 'sport' that you just wanna cock punch?")


  1. HOLY SHIT! It's gotta be some kind of record.

    Yay John, congrats! Glad it was you.

  2. Holy shit is right! I even explicitly stated that I wanted Jess to win. What is up with that? So as my good deed for the day, please forward the subscription to Jess.

    And Jess, did your piece on Etsy that was green and made of little pieces of paper sell?

  3. Holy shit! I suspected John wanted the subscription to go to Jess, so, Jess, congratulations! I need you address again. E-mail it to me.

  4. Holy Shit!!!

    You guys made my day. I could cry. You have no idea how excited I am right now. THANK YOU!!!!!!

    Prince, I am emailing you now. John, which one?

  5. Jess, there was a piece on your Etsy page that was made of little torn bits of paper radiating out in a spiral shape. It was a light green color and looked like a flower. It isn't on the page anymore. Did you sell it? (please say no please say no please say no)

  6. And oh yeah, congratulations Jess!