A Dog Gives a Duck a Piggyback Ride

Okay, so not only does this dog give a duck a piggyback ride, but they have their afternoon fun in the water. It's a swimming piggyback ride. This is like a miracle! Have you ever witnessed a miracle? No? Well, watch this video:


  1. Our lake had a duck frozen into it. There were some instances where a few dogs fell in too, but there was no piggybacking going on amongst them.

    This is a cute video.

  2. The dog looks like he's working awfully hard, while the lazy-ass duck--who was made for this because HE'S A DUCK--is just kicking back. Now I'll have to think twice about marrying my duck fiance (http://www.garfunkelandoates.com/music/clips/10/sex-with-ducks/).

  3. Jess, that is horrifying.

    Cheryl, that is horrifying.