The Glory of "Sugar"; or: I Want Red Pants!

Speaking of hot actors, I met this guy, Alex Beh, at a party. And because he was nice to me even after I tried to fondle him near the bean dip (or did that only happen in my imagination?), I decided to watch a short movie that he wrote and directed and that he told me about. Of course I expected to be sorely disappointed because guys who seem to be only good for fondling near the bean dip are typically not good at things like, oh, say, filmmaking.

But you know what? Alex Beh's Sugar is great. It's as if American pop art fucked French New Wave and spawned this short. It's charming and whimsical, and it perfectly depicts infatuation with unusual flair and exuberance. And it did the film festival circuit a couple years ago, also with unusual flair and exuberance. How's that for an endorsement? Watch:

Visit Alex Beh.


  1. Thanks for posting this Prince! It made my morning. Although it makes me wonder, why are the cutest girls always with pricks in suits who call you things like "sport" that you just wanna cock punch?

  2. John, I'm glad you enjoyed it. As for cute girls with pricks in suits, it boggles my mind. God, the things you must endure....

  3. only in video land hahahah
    thanks for posting

  4. How could I not watch it with an endorsement like that? And it did not disappoint either. Super cute! If I had a pack of sugar for every time I got lost in some ridiculous fantasy like that I'd have enough to start my own brand by now. I'd call it "Sass'N Low."

  5. Lee Ee Leen and Erica Lynn, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    But the woman in that movie is crazy not pounce on that guy and scream, "Pour some sugar on me, baby! I'm wet down there!"