I Interview Celebrities...So YOU Don't Have To!: "Our Family Wedding" Press Junket

On Saturday afternoon, I put on my Sunday best and drove out to the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. My secondary task was to infiltrate the press junket for the upcoming culture-clash comedy, Our Family Wedding, and lob questions to celebrities in order to generate enough entertaining material for the Fox Searchlight website. My primary task was to shovel as much Four Seasons catering into my gullet and as many high-end bottles of water into my satchel as humanly possible.

Having prepared some well-constructed questions (designed to achieve maximum results with minimum effort), I interviewed Forest Whitaker (who starred in one of my favorite movies of all time, Smoke) and Regina King (who played Sandra Palmer in Season Six of my favorite TV show of all time, 24)—they were super friendly and possessed enough gravitas to crush a bag of walnuts. I also had face time with Carlos Mencia and Anjelah Johnson (who functioned as a well-oiled comedy team), Lance Gross (who was all smiles), and Ugly Betty's America Ferrera. (Video to come...if there are enough shots of me!)

After getting Oscar winner Forest Whitaker to talk extensively about cake, I rushed to the "hospitality suite" to eat pasta, pizza, and things dipped in chocolate. I say "rushed" because I didn't want to be too late and end up having to fight Ugly Betty for the fondue bucket.

Under normal circumstances, I would act weirdly nervous around celebrities, but, when you've got a journalistic mission to execute in a relatively short period of time, it's hard not to focus on the task at hand, no matter how much you may want to set aside your note cards and challenge Forest Whitaker in a karate match. (He's a black belt.) I can't think of a better way to get beat up.

[Update: The video footage has been released!]

[Watch me in word-association action here.]

[Watch me coax descriptions of cake here.]


  1. You should've told Whitaker that Good Morning Vietnam sucked. Congrats.

  2. This post makes me nostalgic for my press junket days at the UCLA Daily Bruin. I asked inane but sincere questions and got excited about the freebies (a George of the Jungle coconut!) in a way that only a college student can. Of course, I still get excited about free food.

  3. I wish you could interview John Lithgow.

    Congrats to you, Prince!

  4. i'm so proud of you.

    did you get autographs?