Jesus Wants You to Put Down That Joint

This super hot actor named Brent Rose has recently come to my attention because he's a new blog commenter who's been making his presence known in various comments threads on Bamboo Nation. (He uses the handle "Brent Rose" and "50in50.") Anyway, you know what happens when super hot actors cross my path, right?

I put my online stalking skills to work!

Anyway, it turns out that Brent launched an interesting project last year called "50 Characters in 50 Weeks," in which he writes and performs a monologue (or scene) as a different character just about every week and posts the videos on YouTube and on his blog, with accompanying behind-the-scenes commentary.

When I was properly lubed, er, I mean, when my interest was properly piqued, I went to his site to discover that he's already been at it for months—he's on character 27. Well, I wasn't about to watch all 27 videos (I'm not crazy), so I decided to look for all the ones that seemed like he might take off his shirt or pull down his pants. Turns out, he enjoys appearing in various states of undress in some of his videos. Which is why I'm devoting an entire blog post to him here. I mean, a guy who plays with a penis pump so joyfully in music videos like "Me and My Penis Pump" deserves a few mad props.

Anyway, my favorite video from the ones that I saw is actually a comedy sketch performed in front of a live audience called "The Christian Campers," in which three hardcore Jesus lovers present an educational anti-drug skit. The sketch may seem like it's exaggerated for comic effect (and it is funny), but it ain't too far from the awful truth. Watch:

In my stalking, er, I mean, in my research, I came to realize that I've actually seen Brent in a play before! He played Romeo in Joe Calarco's R&J, a brilliant adaptation of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet that uses an all-boys school as a jumping-off point. The west coast premiere was at the New Conservatory Theatre Center (where I was formerly playwright-in-residence), and it was one of the best theater experiences I've ever had. That production honestly blew me away. And it's also the show in which I first saw Taylor Valentine, who later starred in the world premiere of my stage adaptation of the Scott Heim novel, Mysterious Skin.

By the way, where is Taylor Valentine? Holla!

Visit Brent Rose and 50 Characters in 50 Weeks.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words, Prince. If anyone is interested, my favorite episodes can be found here: