Michael Bublé, Will You Sing Me Gay Bedtime Songs?; or: Michael Bublé, Why Am I Turning Into My Mother?!

If my mom has a CD in heavy rotation in her car, it's a sure sign that I should avoid whatever musician it is at all costs. I mean, c'mon, someone as young and hip as I am should not be sharing his life's soundtrack with his parents, for Christ's sake. I should be listening to music that makes my mother's ears bleed with disgust.

But, goddamn, I love Michael Bublé.

My mom's been a fan for years, and I've tried to resist his big-band charms and effortlessly smooth voice while in her car. For the most part I've been successful, but Bublé's new album, Crazy Love, is crazy addicting. Additionally, I can no longer deny how absolutely HOT he is and how much I want him to teleport to my bedroom every night and croon bedtime songs to me.

And how can I not adore a man who says the following gay things in a me-me-me.tv interview?:

me-me-me.tv: Do you get big pairs of granny pants thrown at you?

Michael Bublé: I get loads of weird shit happening but most of the places I'm going now it's young people. It’s 60% young women, 25% gay men and the rest is couples.

me-me-me.tv: Do those gay men pinch your arse?

Michael Bublé: Yeah, I’ve had that and I think it’s fucking great! Gay fans are the hardest to get, the most loyal and they’re the tastemakers.

me-me-me.tv: Have you ever done any gay stuff?

Michael Bublé: Sexually? Unfortunately, I've never had that much to drink yet. Listen, the uncle I was named after is gay and him and his partner have been together for forty years, so I just grew up with that being a cool thing.

Oh, Michael Bublé, come to my house! I have a refrigerator full of King Cobras!

Yes, I know you have a hot Argentine girlfriend, but, if even she thought you were gay at one time, then you can be turned! According to Starpulse:

Michael Bublé nearly missed making a love connection with Argentine girlfriend Luisana Lopilato—because the singer spent so long chatting to her male pal, she assumed he was gay....

[Bublé] tells Britain's The Sun, "I spotted her in the crowd and thought she was the most beautiful woman I'd ever laid eyes on, but she came backstage with this good-looking dude and I assumed it was her boyfriend. The other problem was that I don't speak Spanish and she had no English. But the guy did, so I just spoke to him. I was a bit nervous because of how beautiful she was. The more I drank, the more I made things worse. I was saying to him, 'You're a good-looking dude' and 'You guys are a good-looking couple.'" Once the star learned Lopilato was single, he rushed to ask her for a date—and the pair has been inseparable ever since."

Okay, fine, Michael Bublé, maybe alcohol won't work, but can I entice you with drugs? I mean, according to that same interview:

The 34-year-old admits that he was forced to smoke joints and drink alcohol in secret—to keep fans from finding out about his vices: "There I was pretending to be this sweet boy. It was hard trying to be that nice guy the whole time. Truth is, I was a Canadian kid who loved women, partying and ice hockey.... I grew up in Vancouver, which has the best weed in the world and good alcohol. You can score [buy drugs] just walking down the street, so I did. I've never done cocaine or heroin or anything stronger. But I don't see anything wrong with relaxing with a joint."

Anyway, Michael Bublé's rise to fame reads like a fairy tale. According to good ol' Wikipedia:

At the age of 18, Bublé entered a local talent contest and won. But after winning, he was disqualified by organizer Bev Delich because he was underage. After that, Delich entered Bublé in the Canadian Youth Talent Search, which he won. Following that win, Bublé asked Delich to be his manager. Delich signed on and represented Bublé for the next seven not-so-fruitful years. According to Delich, Bublé would do every gig imaginable; including talent shows, conventions, cruise ships, malls, hotel lounges, bars, clubs, corporate gigs, theatres, music revues, and even the occasional singing Santa Claus gig....

But by 25 years of age Bublé had moved from British Columbia to Toronto, Ontario and was ready to give up the dream of professional musicianship to move back to Vancouver, British Columbia to pursue a career in journalism when his lucky break came in 2000.

Read the rest on Wikipedia.

Have you seen the music video for the first single off of Crazy Love? It's time, folks. The incredibly catchy "Haven't Met You Yet" (a Bublé original) is a delirious grocery store fantasia, and the hot model in the video is the aforementioned girlfriend. Curses! Watch:


  1. I'm a little afraid to admit it, but yeah, I kinda like that song.

  2. I know exactly what you mean! Last year I was talking on the phone to my sister (who lives with the parents still) and I mentioned my new-found love for Michael Buble to her only to find out that apparently my dad has had his CD for years! Curses! I almost gave up on him then and there but it was too late...I couldn't resist his charms.

  3. a gay bedtime songs? LOL how does it sound, i also like the way he sing. but not really a fan of michael buble just few of his song. one of it is the one you attached on your post :)

  4. I actually listened to the song, and I'm sad to say that I enjoyed it.

  5. Don't run away from your feelings!