Rejected Cartoons by Don Hertzfeldt; or: "My Anus Is Bleeding!"

Have you ever seen Rejected, the Oscar-nominated short by animator Don Hertzfeldt? It's a compilation of his funny, irreverent, and sometimes absurd promotional cartoons for the Family Learning Channel and Johnson & Mills, all of which were rejected. You'll soon understand why. I mean, I never imagined I would ever see a talking piece of popcorn bleed from its anus. Watch:

Visit Don Hertzfeldt.

[Thanks to Gabriel Fleming.]


  1. Delightfully twisted...

  2. Hertzfeldt went to my high school! And my boyfriend has an Animation Show poster hanging in our entryway.

    I don't know why either of these points matter.

  3. Rachael Caselli2/22/2010

    I LOVE this! I've owned the DVD for years.