Suzanne Whang: The Asian-American Sarah Silverman? [NSFW?]

My friend and USC colleague Coleman Hough (see her affecting Steven Soderbergh collaboration Bubble if you haven't already) recently told me about a comedian named Suzanne Whang, who also happens to be the host of HGTV's House Hunters. (I'm not going to pretend to know what that is, so if there are any super-gay gays or shut-ins reading this, then fill me in. I assume it's a reality show about people who stalk Hugh Laurie.)

After seeing the following video clip of Whang's irreverent stand-up act, I look forward to catching her live this weekend in Los Angeles. (She's playing in Silver Lake on Friday and Saturday, February 5 and 6, 2010.)

In this clip, Whang takes on the persona of wide-eyed, innocent-looking, fresh-off-the-boat Sung-Hee Park, who proceeds to tell the most jaw-dropping, racially offensive jokes this side of Sarah Silverman. I'm not a huge fan of Silverman's stand-up (I mean, I get her, but she's not for me), but Whang's shtick comes across as fresh and perhaps even a little bit groundbreaking. The first two words out of her mouth alone may just stun you while making you laugh at the same time. But it's definitely not for the easily offended and probably not safe for work. (I mean, it took me a long time to decide whether this clip was okay to post on this blog.) [Addendum: Even Loren said about one particular bit in the clip, "That was the most offensive joke I have ever heard. I will never repeat it." You've been warned.] Watch:

I'm going this Friday. Make it out there if you can.

Check out Suzanne Whang's stellar bio here.

For tickets, go here.


  1. Anonymous2/01/2010

    Prince, i didn't know your mom did stand-up! atta-girl.

  2. I LOVE SUZANNE WHANG! House Hunters is on HGTV, and follows potential buyers as they look at 3 homes and decide which one to buy (it is, of course, totally staged, but still interesting to see price comparisons). HH recently stopped having SW host the show (the producers decided it didn't need a host), and many loyal viewers are up in arms about it. It's not the same without her! Although, from what she does on House Hunters, you'd never know she was a raunchy comedian!

  3. I miss her on House Hunters! It's the best show ever Prince, but I never would have known she was a comedian.

  4. OMG! I don't believe it! I have had a girl crush on Suzanne ever since I started watching House Hunters, years ago! I love how she always seems to want the best for the homebuyers, even though she has obviously never met them, and how she injects the tiniest bit of a wink into her voice when pretending to dramatize the climactic question, "Which of their three choices did the homebuyers choose?"

  5. incredible. Absolutely incredible. I love this kind of stuff. That joke about the black jew is absolutely horrible. And amazing. That last joke about the woman with no arms and legs I've heard before, and always loved.

  6. Hey, House Hunters lovers, wow, I can't believe you all even know what that show is. With all the programming that's available, it sometimes fascinates me how anything gets watched.

    Wjackalope, yup, that black Jew joke was the one that Loren was horribly offended by--and he's one of the most offensive people I know!

  7. Sarah Silverman tells too many poop jokes. And this bit reminds me of my friend's Japanese grandmother. Midori is a hapa(the SHAME) who married a white man(the HORROR), and her grandmother never fails to needle her for it.

    Except on the days when he buys Midori diamonds. On those days, he is the perrrrfct Grandson-in-law.

  8. Suzanne is the perfect combo of Class and Crass. I LOVE HER! Until I saw her stand-up, I didn't know how funny she really was. The world is a better place with her in it!!

  9. "I miss her on House Hunters! It's the best show ever Prince, but I never would have known she was a comedian."


  10. Anonymous3/04/2010

    My friend Eric claims he taped the HH episode where you can see Suzanne's humongous camel toe.

    Thanks for this post.....I love her even more now.
    Kevin I.