Water on the Ceiling Prank

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Thursday, February 18, 2010
What better way to show someone you love how much you love them by pulling off a loving prank...that involves water.... Wait.... Water...? Um..it's such a fine line between love and cruelty. Watch:

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  1. I have to do that to someone.


  2. golfwidow Said,

    I hate myself for laughing at that.

    But I will forgive me.

    (Lowered, I've missed this blog. I'm so glad I have a working computer again.)


  3. Brent Rose Said,

    Pretty damn funny, I have to say. Personally, though, I wouldn't have gone with the butt-slap. I'd love to see how it'd play out if he just left her there for an hour. Psychological warfare, etc.


  4. I think the container holding the water should've been bigger. And made out of heavy glass. Is that wrong?


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