Anjelah Johnson's Visit to a Vietnamese Nail Salon

Speaking of Anjelah Johnson, did you ever see her hilarious stand-up bit about her visit to a nail salon? According to the Los Angeles Times, Vietnamese Americans account for an estimated 80% of nail technicians in California and 43% nationwide, so Johnson's act rings true in addition to being funny. She nails the accent, sure, but I especially like the passive-aggressive and other manipulation tactics that her characters employ. Watch:


  1. They always seem to ask me if I have a boyfriend, too. I wonder why.

  2. The male manicurists are worse. I get very firm with them: "I only have enough money for a fill, thank you. Maybe next time." Then, when That Man of Mine comes to pick me up, they say to him, "Why you don't give her more money? She want a pedicure, she don't have enough. She so pretty, you want all the other guys be jealous of you right? Give her more money so she get pedicure." So he antes up another $20, plus a tip, because he thinks I want that, and now I can't leave and deal with the rest of my day because I have to get the pedicure.