Deaf Mute Thai Girl Pwns Violin

Dear dedicated Bamboo Nation readers, I'm taking the rest of the week off from blogging. (I'm like 25 episodes behind on the Dateline true crime specials on my DVR.... By the way, the "On the Trail of the Bike Path Rapist" episode I just watched is one of the most riveting hours of television I've ever seen. Seriously. It's chock-full of shocking revelations that made me gasp and almost choke on my grocery store-bought cotton candy.)

In the meantime, readers, please occupy yourself with the following four-minute long shampoo commercial. Yes, you read that correctly. I'm making you watch a four-minute long shampoo commercial.

With heaps of unabashed sentimentality, the following Pantene ad from Thailand features a bullied deaf-mute girl who conquers the violin, pwns her villains, and has great hair.

I have to admit that this clip made me cry—was it her story of triumph or her beautiful flowing locks? I just don't know! Watch:

Pachelbel's Canon never smelled so clean!

See you next week! (One more note before I go: I haven't managed to keep up with responding to your blog comments lately, but please know that I do read them all and appreciate your checking in to say hello and give feedback. Keep 'em comin'!)

[Want to weep some more? Check out "Five Thai Commercials That Will Make You Cry Like a Baby Who's Just Emerged from the Womb."]


  1. damn you for making me cry. and, damn my logical side that said, "how did she keep her hair from getting tangled in the strings? how did the violin keep it's tone when it was all busted up?"

    i'm such a spoil sport.

  2. WHY don't you tell us about great crime T.V. EARLIER on so we can DVR!
    Damn, so I missed this? Argh.

    Survivor night. Want Rob to win.

  3. Quin, own those tears!

    Louise, that particular Dateline episode is on again on 3/13, 3/16, and 3/23. Check your listings on the ID: Investigation Discovery channel. DVR it! It's so good! So many twists and turns, and you'll never believe how it turns out!

  4. well I know what shampoo I'm buying this week!

  5. Rachael Caselli3/13/2010

    Hey Prince,

    Didn't know where else to post this for you... here seems as good a place as any. But just in case you *haven't* heard of the LXD, or already seen this video, well, I just thought it would be right up your alley. I've watched it many times over myself : )

    The dancer's name is Madd Chadd. Enjoy!

  6. Quin! Thank you!

    I love me the real life crime drama. I even watch Lock Up and fantasize (NO! Not that kind fantasy. Well, maybe it is...?) about how I'd survive behind the walls. Using my wits, and brute power. I swear, I'm a one weird SAHM In any event, -- It always gives my husband time to read "real books." *sigh.