How High Can I Get?

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Wednesday, March 24, 2010
Believe it or not, I don't usually let my hair grow out this long (click pics to enlarge):

You know why? It makes me emotionally uncomfortable.

But today is Wednesday, and ever since I was a kid my mother has absolutely forbidden me to get a haircut on Wednesdays. It's supposedly bad luck or something like that, and my uncles and cousins and various kin have crashed cars or broken limbs because they didn't buy into this Thai superstition (or, as I like to call it, STUPIDstition). But I don't dare defy my mom.

Maybe I should let my hair keep growing anyway? It'll hurt me on the inside, but artists are supposed to take risks, right?


[Update: Read "How High Can I Get, Part 2."]
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  1. Anonymous Said,



  2. Howard Ho Said,

    When I was in college, I grew my hair out for two years straight and then went completely bald and wrote a pretentious newspaper column about it.

    And yes, I stand by those literal and figurative long hair years. Do it!


  3. Howard Ho Said,

    Sorry about that...


  4. Marlene Said,

    You seriously SHOULD let it grow out, just to see how it feels. I don't have much response to hair, I tend to ignore mine till it gets too long and then whack it all off (and in two cases shaved my head completely just to see how it would feel -- it was cool. Literally and figuratively) but I think anything that provokes a strong response is worth exploring, if only cause it'll give you fodder for writing (plus some insight into self but I hate admitting psychological stuff :P) And on a totally objective note, I think it would probably look really cute and lots of hot guys would like it. Go for it dude! Live dangerously! ;)


  5. You look cute with that style.
    Like the Thai Tin-tin.

    But, do NOT get it cut on Wednesdays. Mom knows best.


  6. Anonymous Said,

    Your hair is at a good, sexy length. But if you grow it out too much and it starts to look sloppy, then I will have no choice but to stop stalking you.


  7. wjackalope Said,

    your hair looks fine - MINE on the other hand - OOF. We're talking jew fro in all the wrong ways. I NEED a haircut in the worst way.


  8. Jess Said,

    Cut it! The grow-out stage is such a pain and I don't think pigtails will do you justice during that time.


  9. jterry Said,

    I like 'em long! Keep it!


  10. Anonymous #1 and Jess, I'm going to have to listen to Howard, Marlene, Louise, JTerry, and Anonymous #2 (who is stalking me--yay!) here and let it grow out more. (Majority rules.)

    BUT I think I'm going to ask my stylist to trim the sides and let the top keep growing. That should do the trick.

    WJackalope, now, you see, in the gay world, Jew 'fros are popular because we like having something substantial to hold on to when we're giving it to you from behind.


  11. isaac butler Said,

    I think you should grow it out. You look like the Asian Tintin!


  12. I vote yes on Punk Rock Prince. Mohawk! Do it!


  13. By the way, Isaac, this post is in honor of you and your "Tuesday Hair Blogging"!

    Smartlikeatruck, well, I'll grow it out, but I'm not piercing anything.


  14. No need! They have clip-ons! (I don't even have my ears pierced)

    My second vote is for a mohawk kitty wig for Porkchop, and charming formal family portraits.


  15. wjackalope Said,

    thanks Prince, I'll keep that in mind in case I ever decide to switch teams.


  16. Jess Said,

    Trimming is cheating. No?


    Short or long, it's gonna look great. Please humor me when the time comes and your hair is long enough to sport pig tails.


  17. Hey, You really look nice in this hair style. Last week, even I tried something like this, but in vain, it resulted in something different for me. But you really look great here.


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