Rabid Otter F*cks Up Old Dude

Further evidence that a zombie apocalypse is on the horizon is the following news report about a 96-year-old Florida man who was jumped by an otter and mauled bloody. I swear, if I didn't know that this was for real, I would be on the floor convulsing with laughter. I mean, that 9-1-1 call is the stuff of great practical jokes. But this is no joke. This is some fucked-up shit right here. Fortunately, the man lived to see another day. And the otter? Well, let's just say that karma's a bitch. Watch:

[Thanks to Superbadfriend.]


  1. Nearly in tears for this poor guy. I mean Otters don't eat people, that's just some crazy shit!

  2. For serious, that 9-1-1 call is the stuff of great experimental absurdist theater!

  3. Oh, that's sad. Poor old guy. Although I laughed when heard someone spell "Otter! o-t-t-e-r!" I don't understand why this makes me laugh. It's obviously not a funny story. It isn't funny. It's pathetic and terrible and I laughed at "o-t-t-e-r."

    That's because I'm a mom and we mothers are nothing but creators and destroyers.