A Trailer for Every Oscar-Baiting Film Ever Made

If you're like me, you threw a last-minute, impromptu (is that redundant? is that redundant?) Academy Awards viewing party, in which the four attendees ate pizza, gnawed on cupcakes like rabid monkeys, and put one dollar each into the Oscar pool. You unsuccessfully tried not groan at Neil Patrick Harris's opening song, you shifted uncomfortably at all the nominated-actor tribute monologues, you scratched your head during the WTF?! dance number in the middle, and you fast-forwarded through all the boring parts and commercials (we smartly watched it tape-delayed off the DVR)—but you did appreciate some of Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin's genuinely funny banter. And to top it all off, you won the $4 Oscar pool in the eleventh hour because you wisely checked off Kathryn Bigelow over James Cameron! "Yay! Yay! Yay!," you screamed as you ran to the corner 7-Eleven to spend your winnings on Milk Duds and a Smart Water. Then, you watched the following movie trailer that combines the ideas behind a dozen or so Academy Award-nominated films into one amusingly snarky package. Watch:


  1. Oscarbaiting sounds like something one should wash one's hands after.

  2. Can you really buy a SmartWater and Milk Duds for $4? I'm impressed.