Uncomfortable Moments in Oscar History: The Story Behind Why That Redhead Hijacked That Academy Award Acceptance Speech

Certainly the most bizarre and decidedly uncomfortable moment during last night's Oscars ceremony was when director-producer Roger Ross Williams's gentle acceptance speech for best short documentary (for Music by Prudence) got cut off by co-producer Elinor Burkett, who mumbled something about him being "just like a man to do all the talking" as Williams just stood there a bit bewildered. It was kind of like when you throw a party and a married couple shows up, all smiles and hugs but you just know that they had been fighting in the car and she was all like "don't embarrass me at the party, ass" and he was all like "shut up and pretend to have fun, you old hag." Anyway, Salon interviewed both of them to get the juicy (and it is juicy!) inside dish about their artistic holy war!

Read "The Story Behind Oscar's 'Kanye moment.'"

Watch the clip in question here:


  1. very very odd - but overall I thought a pretty good Oscars - moved pretty quickly, hosts were funny, opening number was an opening number. I can't say I think Hurt Locker was good enough to win best picture, but I'm glad Avatar didn't win. A groundbreaking film visually, but when it comes down to storytelling and message and quality of film I think Avatar was nowhere close. I would say (of the 6 BP nominees I saw) that District 9 was the most deserving (I really need to see Up in the Air and Inglorious Basterds before I can truly stand behind that comment).

  2. Anonymous3/08/2010

    Ms Burkett made herself look totally bad and Williams' came off as dignified and restrained in comparison. She did herself no good with this behavior, whatever she alleges. If she settled the lawsuit and didn't like the final film, where does she get off wanting to share in the award for it?

  3. Anonymous3/09/2010

    "My name is Sarah Goldfarb!"