Addicted to the Internet? Keep or Jot This Hilarious Advice

I don't know if P.K. is revealing his true identity on the Internet, so I shall restrict him to mere initials here. Yup, he is known unto me, and, yup, I know he is funny. But I didn't know until recently that he's put out a series of hilarious video blogs titled "Keep or Jot," which offers invaluable advice on a number of topics...from a slant-eyed perspective! I should make him my mascot! Watch:

Visit Keeporjot's YouTube channel.


  1. I clicked subscribe right after the Chat Roulette Internet patch part.

    Mostly because I too often shout "no, penis!" randomly throughout the day.

  2. Oh! I found keeporjot when he boasted only 12 subscribers. I wont stop speaking of his greatness until he passes me. Or starts to suck ;)

  3. Hmm, I will have to consider that Internet Patch. It seems to be a cross between an iPhone and a game of UNO.