I Attend Fancy Hollywood Parties...So YOU Don't Have To!: Hey, That's the Kid From "Up" (at the East West Players Anniversary Visionary Awards Dinner)

I knew that my big play news was going to be announced at last week's East West Players Anniversary Visionary Awards Dinner so I was super excited, but I think I was more thrilled about getting a photo with with Jordan Nagai, the kid who was the voice of Russell in Up, who won the Breakout Performance Award. Look at the photo! OMG, that's him! That's him! "Hi, my name is Russell. And I am a wilderness explorer."

The Visionary Awards, usually at the Universal Hilton, is always a fun and inspiring time. (I won an award in 2006.) I get to catch up with friends and colleagues, and I feel like I'm a part of something bigger than myself. (People who know me or read me realize what a huge leap away from my enormous ego that is!)

I would go into more detail about the evening, but I've got The Celebrity Apprentice crying out for me from my DVR.

So read the recap article from the Rafu Shimpo for the rundown.

There, you'll hear about Mike Shinoda (super hot!), Wenda Fong, Tamlyn Tomita, Lea Salonga, Carrie Ann Inaba, George Takei, and singing Filipinos!

Other than that, you'll have to be content with looking at this photo of me and Jeff, who is the literary manager of East West Players and who is one half of the infamous Prince and Jeff Show—a funny and intellectually stimulating traveling talk show that happens whenever Jeff and I are in the same place at the same time. Those of you who have experienced it—consider yourselves lucky. Those of you who have not—your life is incomplete.

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