Kindergarten "Scarface"

This is fudging bizarre and hilarious. A shaky rogue camera captures scenes from a live theater adaptation of the violent and profane Al Pacino film, Scarface, performed by elementary school kids. Watch:

Yup, parents from all over were upset that this was allowed to go on at a school somewhere in the United States.

But, yup, this was staged. Motherfudging suckers!


  1. I don't even care that it's staged. This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

  2. Prince, actually this elementary school Scarface wasn't "staged," but it was a viral video created to comment on the nature of viral videos.

    The creators of the video speak out.

  3. Ok, just caught what you meant by "staged," as in faked, rather than "staged," as in performed on stage in front of an audience.

    Prince, can you add an edit/delete button for us/me? Or else use words that won't be miscontrued!

  4. I can delete from my end if you want me to. And "staged" is perfectly acceptable. :)