More Precious Than Precious

When I was on my way to see Sapphire (author of the book, Push, which was adapted into the film, Precious) at the Los Angeles Public Library, where she was going to be in conversation with playwright Brighde Mullins tonight, I was trying to decide whether I should get a picture with Sapphire after the event or get her to sign my copy of Push with "Prince, you're more precious than Precious." (Parks and Recreation fans, holla!)

Well, since a picture is worth a so goddamn much, I went for the photo opportunity.

This evening featured one of the best author conversations I have ever heard. Interesting, honest, provocative, inspiring. Sapphire talked about the genesis of Push, its journey to Precious, the power of language, and her rift with Ishmael Reed. (Reed published an angry op-ed against Precious in The New York Times, and Sapphire offered a response.) She also did a remarkable job reading excerpts from the book, as well as the unedited response to Ishmael Reed, which drew enthusiastic applause. The event will be available as a podcast shortly, and I'll let you know when that happens.

You know what? I left the library thinking, "There is nothing about Sapphire I don't like." That's a good feeling.


  1. She's coming to Denver next week, and I hope to go listen to her speak.

  2. Marlene4/06/2010

    I second that last line, she was amazing.

  3. I'm sure that was amazing -- keep us posted on news of the podcast!

  4. Cool! I'm sorry I missed this . . .