Pudgy Asian Dude With a Bad Haircut Meets William Shatner, Rocks "Total Eclipse of the Heart"

Lin Yu Chun, that pudgy Asian dude with a bad haircut who sang the living crap out of "I Will Always Love You" on Taiwan's Super Star Avenue, takes his viral fame to its most absurd extreme by appearing on Lopez Tonight and singing a duet with William Shatner. You know, if I were having a bad day, this clip would totally make me want bang my head against a bottle of Zima until I fell unconscious. But since things are good, I find it kind of charming. Don't you? Watch:

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  1. I don't really like the original version of this song but I love parodies of it! Shatner's nonchalance coupled with the Chun's earnest singing is hilarious. My favorite incarnation of this song is still the literal music video version though.