Pudgy Asian Dude With a Bad Haircut Sings Like Whitney Houston

Calling amateur singer Lin Yu Chun a "pudgy Asian dude with a bad haircut" is not an insult. I happen to think pudgy Asian dudes with bad haircuts are cool. Especially if they can take a song like Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You" (made doubly famous by Whitney Houston) and sing the living shit out of it. Straight from Taiwan's Super Star Avenue and straight from the Susan Boyle viral video playbook, here, then, is Mr. Chun. Watch:

Yup, he won the TV show's $1 million prize and a recording contract.

[Thanks to The Bilerico Project.]

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  1. I imagine this is pissing off Mainland China...you can bet next year that on Chinese TV they'll have a mullet-haired pudgy paraplegic hermaphrodite with a golden voice.