Baby Kangaroos Frolic on the Beach

Um, really, how could I not post this?! Watch:

This blog just gets more and more compelling, doesn't it? DOESN'T IT?!

[Thanks to Louise Larsen.]


  1. that is pretty damn unbelievably cute. I WANT ONE!

  2. I just came back from Down Under. They may be cute, but they're as stupid as a bag of bricks and very likely to become road kill. The massacred marsupial carnage on the Prince's Highway between Sydney and Melbourne is disgusting. I was constantly dodging very large kangaroo chunks, which isn't easy to do when not used to driving on the left. They don't hold up well to being taken out by cars, nor do the cars escape severe damage, which is why so many rural Aussies have big metal Roo Guards across the front of their vehicles. Sorry about all the gory visuals . . . ah, no I'm not! ;o)

    BTW: They do make good eatin'! Like a sweet tri-tip. Marinated in red wine sauce was my favorite!

  3. Yuck, Joe, "kanga chunks?"