Courageous Squirrel Defends Its Fallen Friend From Hungry Crows

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Wednesday, May 05, 2010
I didn't know crows had a taste for squirrel, but, in the following video, a few of them are ready to pounce on one that looks like it's dead on the pavement. But the downed squirrel's best friend wards off the would-be attackers as best as it can, wanting the dead animal to rest in peace. Go, squirrel, go! Watch:

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  1. :**( this is even sadder than the Pelican eating the Pigeon. *sob*


  2. Does he pick up his best friend and carry him off the battlefield in a rain of bullets? Because if there is no happy ending with titanium alloy legs, I am not watching this sad video.


  3. Nooo *sob* *sob*. He lays next to his little friend at the end. It's just devastating.


  4. That sounds worse than David Duchovny and those poor, poor puppies. Why would you do that? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?


  5. bilerico Said,

    The funniest part is that a Terminex ad pops up from YouTube when you play the video.


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