Goodbye, "24," I Will Always Love You

As you may know, 24 is my favorite television series of all time, and I have declared on this very blog that the show "is pretty much the only reason I have to live." Yes, that's a gross exaggeration, but the level of commitment I've dedicated to 24 over eight seasons borders on fanaticism. Do you know anyone else who spends as much time as I do on a TV show's discussion board and owns so much merchandise (T-shirt, mousepad, shoulder bag, ringtone) from said series? I mean, for a hoity-toity playwright and university educator like me, that's just plain inappropriate. (Seriously, when my phone rings, it's the CTU ring!)

Last night's two-hour series finale, which ended eight pulse-pounding seasons, was quite gratifying, and I got all teary-eyed during its perfect, logical, emotional, final minutes. I won't say much more about it because I don't want to spoil anything for those of you who haven't caught up yet and because I'm still processing my eight-year relationship with the show. God, this feels like the worst break-up ever. EVER.

Goodbye, 24, I will always love you.


  1. :(

    Goodbye Jack.

    I feel the same way you do, Prince. 8 years is a long time to invest in a show. I will miss our 24 discussions. sigh

  2. don't worry Prince they're making a movie

  3. Jack Bauer, you had me at "Dammit!"

  4. R.I.P.
    I wonder what the Next Big Thing will be to
    - ooh! What's that?

  5. I love every season, except for the part of season 2 when Kimberly was attacked by a mountain lion!