Mickey Rourke Is Dirty

My mom had been bugging me for weeks and weeks about Iron Man 2, so when I realized that the movie's release date coincided with Mother's Day weekend I knew what I had to do. We went to an early showing on Sunday at the Arclight's Cineramadome in Los Angeles before lunch at the fabulous Fabiolus Cafe down the street.

Although she complained about the high ticket prices (even though I paid for them!) and about the lack of stadium seating (even though it was the historic freaking Cineramadome!), we both had a good time. Iron Man 2, while certainly not as good as the first, is a serviceable sequel. It doesn't have many ass-kicking action sequences (except for the climax), but we were entertained nonetheless—fun performances and witty banter abound.

The digital projector froze up for a couple minutes in the middle of the movie. For the "inconvenience," the theater issued us all free passes for a future screening. My mom and I already have a date for Prince of Persia. This film isn't on my to-see list, but, OH MY GOD!, have you seen pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal in it?!

Yup, this could get awkward.

(By the way, someone tell Hollywood that just because you grow your hair long doesn't make you look more "Persian.")


  1. It can't get that awkward, Prince. Cause your momma's got eyes in her head, too. He looks pretty awesome, here, that's for sure.

  2. talk about white-washing. this might be worse than "21"