Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Friday, May 07, 2010
As you know, The People's Court is my daytime court show of choice (oh, the luxuries of being me!), but the following end-credits sequence to a Judge Judy episode is to be applauded for its sublime editing. Then again, the editor had a whole lot of crazy to work with. If you must know the context, an indie rocker chick ("I don't actually have a job, I'm a musician, so the days kind of blur together") sued her indie rocker dude friend for throwing a television across a room and killing her cat ("I was pretty wasted, but I don't think I ever killed a cat"). Here's the ending:

[Thanks to Gabriel Fleming.]
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  1. Wait!

    Is that Aaron Eckhart in a beard and motorcycle jacket saying "We're tough. We hate those people."

    I swear he looks like Echhart, but maybe it's because he sounds so Neil LaBute saying that stuff.

    (And I know how much you love LaBute.)


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