As you know, The People's Court is my daytime court show of choice (oh, the luxuries of being me!), but the following end-credits sequence to a Judge Judy episode is to be applauded for its sublime editing. Then again, the editor had a whole lot of crazy to work with. If you must know the context, an indie rocker chick ("I don't actually have a job, I'm a musician, so the days kind of blur together") sued her indie rocker dude friend for throwing a television across a room and killing her cat ("I was pretty wasted, but I don't think I ever killed a cat"). Here's the ending:

[Thanks to Gabriel Fleming.]

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  1. Wait!

    Is that Aaron Eckhart in a beard and motorcycle jacket saying "We're tough. We hate those people."

    I swear he looks like Echhart, but maybe it's because he sounds so Neil LaBute saying that stuff.

    (And I know how much you love LaBute.)