Students Break Out in Public "Jai Ho"

It looks like lunchtime in the student union at the University of Mississippi (also known as "Ole Miss," for reasons that I don't care to Google). Then, Slumdog Millionaire's "Jai Ho" theme song starts blasting over the PA system, and one courageous student breaks out into dance. Soon, many others join in, and it becomes clear that this is a meticulously choreographed stunt that borders on the sublime. I love that one guy who does the entire number with his backpack still secured over his shoulders—watch out for him. Don't you wish this would happen everywhere every day? It can! It's all up to you! Watch:

[Thanks to Superbadfriend.]


  1. This made my whole damn day.

  2. they don't call em "Rebels" for nothin'.

  3. What's really great about this is some of them look like they're horrible dancers, but in a group and with such enthusiasm they all manage to pull it off. It's inspiring! Even I can do it too!