21 Reasons Why This Movie Sucks

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Monday, June 28, 2010
At last week's Customs & Departures event, I performed a monologue titled "21 Reasons Why This Movie Sucks." The piece, which originally debuted in 2008's Jukebox Stories: The Case of the Creamy Foam, is a delightfully biting takedown of the movie, 21. Well, two years later, I've updated the monologue so that I could bitch-slap The Last Airbender too. Hard. Really hard. (I'm not one for subtly, am I? AM I?!) Watch:

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  1. Howard Ho Said,

    Prince, good talk but find your light for god's sake!


  2. Ha ha! I swear there was more light there--USC cameras suck!


  3. Howard Ho Said,

    Next time just hire a lighting designer to stand on a chair and re-focus them.


  4. Oh, Howard, I love secret inside jokes.


  5. Anonymous Said,

    Saw this on angryasianman.com. Awesome monologue!!


  6. Yoli Said,

    Just saw this at angryasianman.com, LOVE it!


  7. Rich Said,

    Question. When Prince asked what the greatest Asian American piece of literature was (in part 1), did anyone catch the titles that were suggested from the audience? I caught the Joy Luck Club as the second one but couldn't make out the first and third suggestions.


  8. Anonymous and Yoli, thanks a lot!

    Rich, the first book mentioned was Karen Tei Yamashita's I Hotel, and the third was John Okada's No-No Boy.


  9. Rich Said,

    Thanks for the prompt reply! I've been looking for some reading with some depth lately, and I think these will work out nicely.


  10. wjackalope Said,

    well played Prince. The updated version is excellent.


  11. Erica Lynn Said,

    I enjoyed this monologue the first time I saw it at Impact theatre and I love this version too and the way you updated it!


  12. WJackalope and Erica Lynn, thanks! I always thought the original monologue didn't date well, but with the new material it works out great. I can use this every time Hollywood doesn't something stupid!


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