Best. Pixar Short. Ever.

I'm not going to say much about Toy Story 3 other than the fact that, if you don't love it, you're an asshole. (Pixar films, I believe, are the greatest litmus test for asshole-ish-ness.) It's far and away the best in the series (the screenplay was written by Little Miss Sunshine's Michael Arndt), and I got choked up at the end like a little bitch! (You did too. Unless you're an asshole.)

But enough about that. This post is about Day & Night, the short film that precedes the feature.

Pixar has consistently churned out entertaining shorts—they're even deeply moving on occasion. Partly Cloudy, One Man Band, For the Birds—all winners.

But Day & Night is so original, so imaginative, so funny, and so thematically rich that it really does shoot straight to the top of all Pixar shorts. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Pixar, for existing!

Did you love? Did you cry? Are you an asshole?


  1. I agree, the short before the movie was wonderful and the movie was great too, but it was pretty intense at times. I don't want to give any spoilers but there was a bit towards the end that was pretty frightening and my sister and I were both crying like babies at the end. Good thing we know to pack tissues to Pixar films!

  2. Wheeeew! So glad I am not an asshole. How can anyone not love Toy Story or Michael Arndt, he's just awesome!