Design Tip Number LAME

On Saturday, I was being dragged around to fancy furniture stores in Santa Monica against my will ("Can't we just go to Ikea and get it over with already?!"). When we were in one named West Elm, I paid a visit to its restroom. It looks like this:

Please read the sign with the handy design tip on right:

Now please look again to the left at the clusters of similar objects that are grouped on and around the toilet:

Is this the Santa Monica store's way of sending a big "fuck you" to West Elm headquarters? If so, I want these people to furnish my bedroom because they don't toe the company line, like, say, you know, Ikea.

Well-played, West Elm Santa Monica, well-played.

1 comment:

  1. Design tip no. 10: Do not decorate with design tip posters.

    Design tip no. 11: Well, maybe this is more of a branding tip, but do not give your company a name which people automatically add the word "disease" to in their heads.