Suzanne Whang, who I dubbed the Asian-American Sarah Silverman, is back by popular demand this weekend in Los Angeles at The Cavern Club, an awesome basement theater space underneath a Mexican restaurant—and, dammit, I know a thing or two about basement theater spaces below eateries! (Impact Theatre, holla!)

I saw her hilarious act—which features Whang as her crass self, preceded by her surprisingly shocking alter ego, Sung Hee Park—when she was in town a few months ago, and it's worth the money, the time, and the smell of refried beans.

She told a Jesus joke so utterly blasphemous that I can't even repeat it here on this religion-neutral blog. If you're around June 4 or June 5, go and beg her to talk about Christ.

Visit Suzanne Whang's website.

For tickets, go here.
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