M. Night Shyamalan Is Turning "The Boondocks" into a Live-Action Feature Film*

Hot off the heels of The Last Airbender, director M. Night Shyamalan has set his sights on his next project: a live-action feature film based on Aaron McGruder's The Boondocks, an animated TV series on Adult Swim (as well as a comic strip) that follows the adventures of an African-American family in a suburb of Illinois.

While official pre-production has yet to begin, Shyamalan has already locked in his cast.

Huey Freeman will be played by High School Musical's Lucas Grabeel:

Riley Freeman will be played by teen singing sensation Justin Bieber:

And Robert "Grandad" Freeman will be played, of course, by Mel Gibson:

Shyamalan, who also wrote the screenplay for The Boondocks feature, had intended to also star in the movie as himself. In the script, Shyamalan visits the Freeman boys' school to give a talk about race relations.

However, due to a demanding production schedule, Shyamalan has backed off from costarring in the film. Slumdog Millionaire's Dev Patel had begged for the role, but Shyamalan insisted that he be played by a random male underwear model:

* Okay, so this story isn't real. But The Last Airbender controversy is. More information is here and here.


  1. I'll take Lucas Grabeel and the underwear model with the glorious package and skip the film, thanks. :)

  2. I totally see Mel playing Grandad.

  3. That's no "random" underwear model. That's Alan Ritchson--he's arguably the greatest underwear model of his generation! And he played Aquaman on Smallville.

  4. It would be even funnier if M. Night's next project was a Bollywood movie, starring all Caucasians!

    Cuz, hey, Indian people technically are Aryan, right?


  5. JTerry...perv!

    Peter, it takes a vivid imagination! :)

    William, you are a fount of pervy knowledge!

    Howard, don't make me think.

  6. Karen Escobar7/01/2010

    Praise White Jesus for Uncle Manoj!

  7. Prince,
    Great article. Good laugh! Thanks!

  8. Karen, uh, yeah, praise him!

    Miko, thanks a bunch!

  9. Anonymous7/14/2010

    omg, for a second I thought that was for real. Thank goodness!

  10. Anonymous7/21/2010

    loooooooool lucas grabeel, that made me laugh