Ozzy Osbourne Pretends to Be a Wax Statue, Scares the Shit Out of People

Ozzy Osbourne, the cantankerous Prince of Darkness who was surprisingly humanized by reality TV, recently took a trip out to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in New York. For a brief period of time, he sat still on a bench and pretended to be a wax statue. When tourists tried to pose for pictures, they got the living shit scared out of them. It's a very funny viral video that cleverly doubles as a promo for Ozzy's upcoming new album, Scream. Watch:

By the way, out of all the onscreen and off-screen drama of this season's Celebrity Apprentice, it was Sharon Osbourne's emotional admission of colon cancer survivor guilt that made me tear up. I love that woman!

(And I am wrecked that there is no more Apprentice until the Fall! Facebook Scrabble, here I come!)


  1. You know I like Ozzy and his wife. His kids, not really but them two. I do.

    Come across as really entertaining and nice people.

  2. I once tried to do this when I volunteered at a haunted house...instead all the kids entered and said "Oh look, there's some guy that's gonna move when we get closer. I'm not scared of him."

    And that was the day haunted houses lost their charm for me.