[Event Video] Customs & Departures: An Evening with Thai-American Writers

Remember that groundbreaking Thai-American literary event that I kept yapping about a few weeks ago? Well, it's over and done with, but that doesn't mean you can't experience it the way it was meant to be experienced: on your computer screen in the dark basement of your parents house! (I assume that's where you are.) You are about to see how very talented all these writers are. Here's a breakdown of the Customs & Departures: An Evening with Thai-American Writers video:

  • Opening remarks begin at 00:00
  • Young-adult novelist/TV writer CHERRY CHEVAPRAVATDUMRONG is introduced at 03:30
  • Poet PIMONE TRIPLETT is introduced at 09:35
  • Memoirist IRA SUKRUNRUANG is introduced at 24:45
  • Playwright/blogger PRINCE GOMOLVILAS is introduced at 41:10
  • The writers' post-reading discussion begins at 53:30
  • A Q&A with the audience begins at 01:14:10

A written recap of the event can be found here.


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