"Hot in Cleveland" = Comfort Food

After a character who has dressed up for the evening asks, "How do I look?," Betty White responds, "Like you stepped out of a painting.... Of hookers!" All right, I'm in.

Hot in Cleveland
has the same feel and rhythm of some of those square but funny sitcoms of the 80s. That is to say, the show may not be as hip as, say, Arrested Development or The Office, but it's funny enough to be hip to be square. (But is anything this square also this racy?)

The presence of cranky and hilarious Betty White may have attracted record cable ratings, but the show's premise is solid (middle-aged L.A. women discover that they're hot commodities in down-to-earth Cleveland, so they move there) and the three leads who are not Betty White are delightfully top-of-their game comediennes (Valerie Bertinelli, Fraiser's Jane Leeves, and Just Shoot Me!'s Wendie Malick). (But make no mistake—Betty White is the #1 draw here.)

The pilot episode is funny, the second episode is funnier, and the third episode (guest starring Carl Reiner!) is funniest. And a couple of them are available on Hulu and the TV Land site. And, yup, the show is taped live in front of studio audience, which makes bloopers like these so much fun:

Have you seen it? Do you like it? Or is it too old school for you?

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