Internet Power

A mother in Massachusetts recently wrote a couple blog posts about her son's fan mail to actor Aaron Takahashi, who you may recognize from a few commercials or from the world premiere production of Paul Kikuchi's Ixnay. It's an amusing saga that reminds me that I don't get enough fan mail from kids. (I supposed I should stop saying mean things about them.)

Read "A Brush with Hollywood."

Read "A Brush with Hollywood: Take 2."


  1. Funniest blog post of all time!

  2. Hmmm?

    I wonder if something like this would work for me and John Lithgow? Would that be creepy?


    Seriously, this post is the cutest story.

  3. Omg, I gotta get me an Aaron Takahashi tee shirt now, and wear it to the next Cold Tofu show!
    (I'll be wearing them with my Prince Gomovilas tighty-whities!)

  4. I want to be this famous!