Jane Austen With a Japanese Twist; or: PersuASIAN!

I told my former writing students Leslie Ishii and Karen Samski to rewrite. And so they did. Then I told them to rewrite again. And so they did. And again. And so they did. And again. And so they did. And again. And so they did. (Seriously.)

And now, their sixth or so draft of Painting by Numbers, which is an entertaining Japanese-American adaptation of Jane Austen's Persuasion, will have a staged reading by an all-star cast this Monday in Los Angeles. I'll be there. You? Here are the deets, yo:

The Road Theatre Company
presents a staged reading of


a play by Leslie Ishii and Karen Samski

directed by Michele Spears

featuring Kimiko Gelman, Lisa Fredrickson, Fran Bennett, Karen Lew, Paul Nakauchi, Sab Shimono, Ewan Chung, Greg Watanabe, Lynn Clark, Helen Ota, John DeMita, Blake Kushi, and James Dyer

What chance does the heart and mind have in the struggle between old conventions and inevitable change? You either break free or break down. What will it be for Kit Yamamoto? In Painting By Numbers, we take an Austen-esque turn around the room with the Yamamotos, a 21st century Japanese-American family. The public face is the modern model minority—but behind closed doors, the stereotype of two generations is broken. And it's not what you think.

Monday, July 5, 2010 @ 8:00 p.m.

Lankershim Arts Center
5108 Lankershim Boulevard
North Hollywood, CA 91601

And I think it's free, you cheap bastards!


  1. So are you going to ask them to rewrite it again? Because that's just getting to be sadistic.

  2. Howard: "Plays are never finished. They are abandoned."