Kitten Wearing Tiny Top Hat Now Eats an Ice Cream Cone!

Louise on the Left sent me the following video a few weeks ago. It features a tiny kitten wearing a tiny top hat "auditioning for a commercial" and eventually getting bitch-slapped by a much-larger cat. I wasn't sure if this was funny or mean...

[Kitten Wearing a Tiny Hat - Audition Outtakes] I didn't post it.

But then the makers of that video, Lake Street Creamery in Los Angeles, revealed the final product—a viral ad that manages to be damn cute and an excellent branding tool for this mobile ice cream shop that I now want to visit. Watch:

[Kitten Wearing a Tiny Hat Eats a Tiny Ice-Cream Cone]

A blogger more ambitious than I wrote to Lake Street Creamery to get the inside scoop (get it?! get it?! scoop?!) on these videos. Says the business owners:

Well the campaign was a complete fluke really. It all managed to coincide with the launch of our truck. We were filming Scout Jr in a hat because basically we’re fools for our cats– then Speedo (male cat not related to kittens) jumped on our little set and voilĂ  the “slap heard across the world”. It surprised us! Sad but hilarious we posted it on YouTube mainly to show our friends. It went viral FAST! So we jumped on the traffic and quickly made a cute ice cream commercial.. Yes to promote us but also to show Scout Jr was A-Ok.

It’s created a lot of buzz and attention from people all over the world. Very surreal. It’s hard to tell the impact yet since we literally just launched our business 2 days ago– but we are getting a HUGE Twitter following fast and many inquiries for special events for The Lake Street Creamery truck. I hope it will help us launch a successful business and allow us to be creative with the Youtube channel as both Tim and I are artists and entertaining via music, film, art and design is our first love.

Visit the Lake Street Creamy website.