Okay, Twitter, You Win

For the past couple of years, I have smugly declared that "Twitter is for douchebags." And even after you, dear readers, attempted to explain the efficacy of medium, I still managed to avoid posting on Twitter for the longest time.

But after a long talk over Alhambra diner food with @PeterJKuo, who handles social media for a living, I decided that sometimes you do just have to be douchebag for the good of your career and public persona.

Anyway, my Twitter account isn't going to replace my blog or anything crazy like that, but I am going to let it function as a separate entity with little overlap. I figure my Twitter page can act sort of the way my LiveJournal used to act—as a peek into my day-to-day activities and too-banal-to-blog observations. It can supplement what you read here on Bamboo Nation.

Twitter is proving to be a fun playground though. Shortly after I tweeted something that used the word "vagina" in a sentence, some people actually unfollowed me! Jesus Christ, are people that easily offended on Twitter? In the future, should I refer to it as a "cornhole"?! Or "pie trap"?! Or "dirty cavern"?! What?!

If the word "vagina" doesn't horrify you, follow me here.


  1. I am so glad you gave in. Now I can get my daily dose of prince.

  2. and you'll be following me, when?



  3. I'll be more direct: follow me back, or you're an ass jockey.

  4. Sterling7/06/2010

    I vote for "dirty cavern", myself. Perhaps "hellhole".

  5. Yoli, you made me do it.

    Quin and JTerry, I either follow a select few and offend some or I follow no one and offend everybody. Is there any doubt which I should choose? Anyway, don't both of you import your tweets into Facebook? Isn't that what I'm seeing on my home page?!

    Sterling, you're a man of sophistication.