[Prince's Playlist] "I Stand Corrected" by Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend's rich-boy-indie-rock-meets-African-pop style (dubbed by the band itself as "Upper West Side Soweto") should grate on my nerves (I mean, seriously, doesn't that just sound like it should be horrible?) , but the group's hooks are irresistible. (And it helps that the guys are kind of hot, especially that lead singer—hands off, bitches!)

My favorite track off Vampire Weekend's self-titled debut album is "I Stand Corrected," which I don't believe was ever released as a single. What's up with that, XL Recordings? Don't you have ears?! Listen to the band perform the song live on a French TV show:

The lyrics:

You've been checking on my facts
And I admit I have been lax
In double-screening what I say
It wasn't funny anyway

I stand corrected
I stand corrected

No one cares when you are wrong
But I've been at this far too long
To act like that when we should be
In perfect harmony

I stand corrected
I stand corrected

Lord knows I haven't tried
I'll take my stand
One last time
Forget the protocol
I'll take your hand
Right in mine

I stand corrected
I stand corrected


  1. I don't remember that song being on the self-titled. Which print did you get ?

    ps: my favorite song is Run :)

  2. Yes, it is on the self-titled. Are they scamming you in Malaysia? :)