Cat Plays a Theremin

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Monday, August 09, 2010
Perhaps you are most familiar with the theremin from The Beach Boys' summertime song, "Good Vibrations," or from the strange 1994 documentary, Theremin: An Electric Odyssey, but from here on out you will forever associate the theremin with the cat in the follow video. This clip assaults you with a whole lot of cute, but the real satisfaction comes from the surprise ending. Watch:

[Thanks to Scott Heim.]
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  1. John Said,

    Frankly, I would have had the same response as the cat at the end, "WTF?"


  2. Howard Ho Said,

    I've never seen a cat so willingly stand on its hind legs. I wonder if now we'll get a Cat Theremin Concerto!


  3. Oh, John, don't you ALWAYS have a bewildered look on your face?

    Howard, you hate cat videos.


  4. Sterling Said,

    That cat at the end had those Satan eyes.


  5. Howard Ho Said,

    Don't tell me what I do or don't hate! You don't know me!

    But...yeah, I hate cat videos.


  6. Bill Said,

    I saw that Theramin doc in NYC in 1995 in the theater...


  7. Sterling, by the way, summer's over, so you can't run around naked anymore.

    Bill, you are supremely sophisticated! I saw it around that time too at the Red Vic in San Francisco. I don't remember much about it--just that Brian Wilson was so bizarre and funny.

    Howard, it's a doc about music! You should check it out.


  8. Howard Ho Said,

    Seen in on cable years ago. Someone should do a documentary on the history of cat videos...


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