Is He in Love with His Ex...or Himself?

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Wednesday, August 04, 2010
Bamboo Nation is on hiatus this week, but here's something epic, unintentionally funny, and borderline creepy to tide you over. Apparently, the guy you see in this video filmed it all himself over the course of nine months—I'm sure the shots of him inexplicably lifting rocks shirtless took several weeks alone—as a sort of love letter to a girlfriend who is no longer with him. I know that after watching him carry bales of hay and things of the sort for seven-and-a-half minutes, you'll be compelled to say, sarcastically, "She left him?! Oh, I wonder why!" But doesn't your heart go out to him just a little bit though? C'mon, people, show some compassion! He loooooooooved her! Watch:

[Thanks to Scott Heim.]
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  1. Filmed himself?

    Do you think he racked himself when he slipped pushing that trailer? There was a weird pause. Just wondering.

    OH NO! Just watched the ending. I want her reaction to this. Must find this Loren woman.

    I'm so going to email the addy at the end of the video!


  2. I believe all the camera movement was done after the fact, in editing. The effects you can do these days with a crappy computer!

    Lemme know if you find out anything! I'm dying to know!


  3. Melissa Said,

    Wait. Did Loren leave him, or totally fucking disappear? Maybe she had to fake her own death to get him out of her life.


  4. Melissa, that's what I was thinking at first, but, according to his YouTube notes, she's alive and well and living with her family...far away from him.

    You can go cry now.


  5. Diana Said,

    Anyone with arms that veiny is too intense for me.


  6. Howard Ho Said,

    This guy seriously needs to consider an exciting career in karaoke videos.


  7. Melissa Said,

    I would have faked my own death. Or possibly have committed actual suicide. Loren, he knows where you are!


  8. You know, if some guy made shirtless music videos for me, I would MELT!


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