"Mysterious Skin" Love from the Blogosphere

Look, I'm not going to stop talking about Mysterious Skin until the Los Angeles run is dead and over, so get used to it. And get used to me linking to high praise. It makes me feel all warm in my fuzzy parts—or does it make me feel all fuzzy in my warm parts? Anyway, here's some love from bloggers who have seen the show.

Read the post from Back Stage Unscripted for a young actor's perspective:

Read the post from Leslie Ishii's Entertainment Career Blog for a director's perspective:

Read the post from Writing Asian American Epic Fantasy for a veteran actor's perspective:

Read the post from Louise on the Left for an Orange County mom and avid theatregoer's perspective:

Read the post from Asians on Film for a cinephile's perspective:

Keep it comin', people! My warm/fuzzy parts just can't get enough!


  1. Astounding production.
    I am feeling a little bit speechless from yesterday's performance, indeed, a bit "paralyzed."
    Brilliant work by the cast and crew, and by the playwright.

  2. Am really looking forward to seeing this - just saw "The Last Gayorcism" at The Flash Festival and loved it!!!

  3. Peter, thanks for the kind words! I'm glad that you were as deeply affected by it as I am.

    Lynn, thanks so much! I appreciate your taking the time to let me know.