["Skin" Report] Set Design Sneak Peek

I'm always sort of in awe of designers for play productions because design is so out of the realm of my talent. I mean, I still text friends when I'm in dressing rooms in clothing stores to ask, "I'm buying jeans—how tight is too tight?"

I was especially excited to learn that the set designer for the L.A. premiere production of Mysterious Skin would be Alan E. Muraoka, who worked on East West Players' fantastic production of Art last season. Alan also happens to have been the art director for Little Miss Sunshine and Ghost World, among other distinct-looking movies. Check out an early drawing for his concept for Mysterious Skin (click photo to enlarge):

The actual set is towering and impressive—cold chain-link fencing surrounds everything. It hints at a baseball field from the distant past, as well as the barricades that keep unpleasant memories from reaching the surface of our consciousness.

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