Uh...Wait...Did You Say "Uncle Prince"?

Here's an actual recent text-message transcript between me and my sister:

SISTER: Did ma tell u that you're going to be an uncle?!


SISTER: Yessss your sister is prego!!!

PRINCE: Wow. Congrats. When due?

SISTER: March 30. :) Thanks!!!

PRINCE: Okay. Keep me posted.

SISTER: I will :)

PRINCE: But wait a minute. You're a virgin. How can you be pregnant? Is this like the immaculate conception?

SISTER: Hahahahahaha shut up. I guess I was slutting around and fell on a guy and it happened. Lol

PRINCE: You can get pregnant from public toilet seats.

SISTER: Eww that is sick.

PRINCE: Do you know who the baby daddy is, or do you have to go on Maury?

SISTER: Hahahahahaha!!! Baby daddy is my bf of 9 months... Sheesh.

PRINCE: I'm gonna tell him to take you on Maury anyway.

(No further response from my sister.)


  1. What *is* it about people announcing pregnancies by text lately. A cousin that I grew up with did the same thing to me recently. And to top it off, there's a shotgun wedding!