My Mom Wants to Talk About Death at Dim Sum

MY MOM: I getting old, so we should talk about when I die.

PRINCE: We're at dim sum!

MY MOM: I'm putting everything in your name.

PRINCE: Do we really have to do this now?! I'm eating!

MY MOM: Whatever I have left when I die, share with your sister. She gets half; you get half.

PRINCE: I'm giving her 25 percent; I'm keeping 75 percent.

MY MOM: Do not cheat your sister! Or I will come back as a ghost and yell at you!

PRINCE: Fine! Do not haunt me!

MY MOM: And I don't want funeral. Get me cremate. I think it costs something like a thousand dollars.

PRINCE: Can't I just save the money and throw your body in the river?

MY MOM: I want to see Red next week.

PRINCE: Pass me the soy sauce.


  1. If you hadn't already written about your mother before, and about your family, too, I would think that you are totally making this up.
    When will we get to see a comedy on stage based on your relationship with Mom? (or have you already written that?)

  2. Death at Dim Sum should be the title of a book.