My Skin Is as Soft and Supple as a Baby's Ass!, Part 2

Remember that video interview I posted of me talking about Mysterious Skin? Well, that five-minute clip could not contain all the wit and wisdom that I actually imparted when I sat down to be interviewed by Asia Pacific Arts. Fortunately for you, oh, embraceable you, the entire unedited transcript of that interview—which features a delightful Pork Chop anecdote—is available for your reading pleasure.

And I'm glad I could pleasure you.

Read "Mysterious Ways: Interview with Playwright Prince Gomolvilas."

By the way, I really should hire Managing Editor Ada Tseng to be my personal photographer because she managed, as you see in the photo here, to make me look even younger than I already look with my Asian-y genes—and without the ethical horror of PhotoShop!

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