"Catfish": A Facebook Movie Better Than THE Facebook Movie

Sorry to be such a Contrary Mary (spank me?), but I didn't dig the Facebook movie as much as everyone else. However, I was floored by the tiny indie documentary, Catfish, which also sort of revolves around the power of Facebook. What both movies do have in common—and what you already know—is that Facebook can fuck up your life.

Now that the heated festival-circuit debate over the veracity of Catfish has died down (an ABC News segment and tons of other supporting evidence confirm it's a true story), we can simply focus on the film as a film. It traces a New York City photographer's online relationship with the Michigan woman of his dreams—a woman he flirts with through various modes of communication, but most significantly through Facebook, where he is also in contact with her mother and sister.

But the movie also happens to be a taut thriller and a dizzying emotional journey—when the photographer finally meets her, will she turn out to be as perfect as she seems?

DO NOT read anything else about this movie before seeing it, and DO NOT let anyone reveal its secrets. SPOILERS ARE EVERYWHERE—CLOSE YOUR EYES!

The trailer is safe to view, and will further entice you to seek this out at your local cinema. (It was even playing at my neighborhood mainstream multiplex—in the same building as Skyline!) Watch:

(By the way, some have accused the movie of being exploitative—but I think it only is if you yourself look upon its subjects with condescension rather than compassion.)

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