Pork Chop Is STILL More Famous Than I Am

Despite the fact that I haven't blogged around these parts for an agonizing number of weeks (macraméing bracelets for Zac Efron takes time, people!), Bamboo Nation's traffic and subscriber base is as healthy as ever—which I suppose means that you still love me, really love me, like from the bottom of your bowels. So I will stop neglecting you now.

And despite the fact that we've heard nary a peep from our beloved Pork Chop for what seems like ages, his power and influence continues to reach far and wide. Case in point:

Remember Pork Chop's much-circulated Mexican Cat Dance video—the one that's racked up a mind-boggling 100,000+ views and that's been mentioned in Entertainment Weekly twice? The one here:

Well, somebody I don't know used that video to create an animated image, an Internet meme that first appeared on Senor GIF, which is a part of the I Can Has Cheezburger? network. This GIF...


...has been viewed by several thousand people, has been shared via Facebook more than 100 times, and has spawned a comments thread that ranges from cruel taunts about one commenter's dead cat to ebullient expressions of appreciation over the inexplicable joy of Pork Chop, like:

"This is the greatest thing ever."

"Does anyone know exactly why this is so funny? I’ve been laughing for like ten minutes."

"I cannot stop laughing at this f**king cat in a sombrero. I keep checking it every hour or two...still funny. WHY?!"

Oh, Pork Chop, I remember when you were just a small-town boy with dreams of Hollywood stardom.

By the way, the photo at the top of this post is Zac Efron saying "fuck you" to cancer. No. Seriously.

[Thanks to Brent J. for stumbling across this meme.]


  1. welcome back. you were missed.

  2. I love this cat!

    Thanks for posting, Prince Gomozilla, whoever you are!