My Mom Doesn't Like English Movies

MOM: I don't like English movies.

PRINCE: What do you mean?

MOM: Movies from England.

PRINCE: Why not?

MOM: They're so dark.

PRINCE: "Dark?"

MOM: Yeah. The lights aren't bright enough. And it looks like everybody walking around in the dark.

PRINCE: That's not true.

MOM: When I flip through channels, I can always tell if it's an English movie. If everything is dark and I can't see anything that's going on, then I know it's from England. I don't like English movies.

(I would've argued with her further, but what if Mike Leigh's Naked was playing on TV that night?)


  1. She's right. It's all to hide their poor dental care.

  2. As my mom would say, "You some kind of comedian?"

  3. Mrs. Gomolvilas is a MILFR - a Mom I'd Like to Friend Request.

  4. If my mom ever joined Facebook, that would surely be the first sign of the apocalypse.